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Our Approach

The Foundry for AI by Rackspace (FAIR™) operates on three prime directives that are essential to responsible AI development. We’re committed to helping you adopt an AI solution that is symbiotic, secure and sustainable. Symbiotic AI enhances human capabilities safely, secure AI prioritizes data protection and regulatory compliance, and sustainable AI encourages transparent and unbiased systems for a more equitable future.

Responsible AI


As AI continues to impact every sector of society — from assisting doctors in diagnostics to enabling personalized learning in education — it’s vital that we address the concerns surrounding its rapid advancement. Fear of AI often stems from the unknown, the potential loss of control and the existential questions it raises. These can be replaced with accountability, transparency and safety controls.

Our coexistence with AI is a necessity for future prosperity. By embracing accountability, transparency and safety as guiding principles, we can unlock the immense potential of AI while helping to ensure its alignment with human values and aspirations. The creation of a strong, symbiotic relationship between AI and humans is the key to optimizing AI’s vast potential as a tool for helping to create a better future for us all.

Read our e-book, “The Essential Guide to Symbiotic AI,” to learn more about how your organization can better navigate the interplay between AI and humanity.

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The successful implementation of secure AI can deliver numerous advantages, including bolstering user trust, enhancing the reliability of AI systems and making it easier to comply with ever-evolving regulations. Conversely, inadequate AI security can result in catastrophic data breaches, erroneous AI-driven decisions and numerous other consequences. 

Secure AI transcends being a mere technological necessity. It embodies an ethical commitment. We must all champion AI that is secure, robust and privacy-centric. Security isn’t just a component of responsible AI. It’s the very bedrock of AI, encompassing everything from tangible infrastructure to the principled application of the technology. 

Read our e-book, “The Essential Guide to Secure AI,” to learn how adopting secure AI principles can help ensure that the immense benefits of AI are harnessed without compromising the privacy, safety and trust of individuals and society at large.


The convergence of sustainability and AI presents an incredible opportunity to tackle environmental challenges and shape a greener, more sustainable future. AI’s abilities to enhance environmental monitoring and promote resource efficiency can complement and amplify our sustainability efforts across business sectors.

By prioritizing inclusivity, ethics and collaboration, we can leverage AI to create more equitable, resilient and socially sustainable societies. This approach empowers individuals and communities to thrive in an increasingly technology-driven world.

Read our e-book, “The Essential Guide to Sustainable AI,” to learn more about how you can use AI responsibly to help create a sustainable future.

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