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Capitalize on the power of AI, quickly and responsibly.

Ideate. Incubate. Industrialize.

Foundry for AI by Rackspace (FAIR™) helps you accelerate the adoption of responsible AI — no matter your industry or needs — through three distinct service offerings: Ideate, Incubate and Industrialize. 

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How AI-ready is your organization?

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2-4 weeks

We help you establish desirability, readiness, goals and guardrails for the adoption of AI through an interactive and collaborative ideation engagement.

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8-12 weeks

We determine the feasibility of AI within your organization and work with you to co-create your first generative AI solution within your enterprise.

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3-6 months

We ensure the viability of your solution through the systematic productization of AI in alignment with defined metrics and governance guardrails. 

Seize the opportunity to automate, optimize and innovate with generative AI.


Enhance creativity

Harness the power of a new class of solutions that use data analytics to enhance human creativity and boost creative output.


Reduce errors

Access pre-trained models that are powered by enterprise corpora, then interact with them through a natural language interface.


Increase productivity

Help knowledge workers accelerate processes with applications and virtual assistants that can analyze multiple data sources to create new ideas and solutions.


Optimize costs

Extend robotic automation efforts by incorporating AI-driven intent using APIs and by leveraging structured and unstructured data.

FAIR use cases

Unlock the full potential of your data to create new content, process language, generate forecasts, detect anomalies and patterns, and create searchable content.

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Our approach to responsible AI

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AI should safely coexist with us, augmenting our intelligence and making us better at our jobs.

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AI must be secure, robust and resilient while protecting confidentiality and preventing misuse.

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AI should help us make better decisions while ensuring that its benefits are accessible to everyone.

Our expertise

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Explore our insightful AI/ML resources to unlock the path of creativity and discovery in generative AI.


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December 13, 2023

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AI Use Cases and What Comes Next


November 30, 2023

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Read FAIR’s latest advancements and developments in generative AI.


Rackspace Technology to Showcase Purpose-built Generative AI Applications from Foundry for AI by Rackspace (FAIR) at AWS re:Invent

November 21, 2023

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Rackspace Technology Participates in Microsoft Ignite to Showcase the Company’s Microsoft Offerings and Partnerships


November 9, 2023

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Foundry for AI by Rackspace Partners with Straits Interactive to Launch AI Data Protection Officer on Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service


October 18, 2023

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Industry buzz 


FAIR is an intrapreneurial spinup built atop the proven cloud solutions that have been developed and refined at Rackspace Technology over two decades. The FAIR leadership team includes:

Global Leader, Founder

Srini Koushik

Global Leader, Founder
Chief Marketing Officer

Kathleen Schneider

Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Product & Technology Officer - Private Cloud

Lance Weaver

Chief Product & Technology Officer – Private Cloud
Chief Revenue Officer - Private Cloud

Maureen Sweeny

Chief Revenue Officer – Private Cloud
Chief Revenue Officer - Public Cloud

Vivek Kwatra

Chief Revenue Officer – Public Cloud
Vice President of Public Cloud Data Services

Hemanta Banerjee

Vice President of Public Cloud Data Services
Head of Engineering

Nirmal Ranganathan

Head of Engineering
Program Lead

Alice Roberts

Program Lead

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