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Leverage the power of a service framework with three avenues to plan, integrate and execute your ideal AI fueled transformation.

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Execute Your Ideal AI Transformation

Embarking on your ideal roadmap to achieve your generative AI transformative. FAIR created this unique three-part service framework with optional services to help organizations bring their AI innovations to life no matter where they are in their journey, including ideating, incubating and industrialize. 

We use this framework as a guide to help organizations create their ideal AI adoption journey, navigate complexities and aim straight toward the outcomes they want. This approach helps to ensure organizations’ AI strategy is clear, its integration of AI systems is successful and the transformation achieves its objectives.

Ideate — assess and plan your AI initiative 

Timeframe: 2-4 weeks 

Action: The Ideate process of AI adoption answers the question: Where should we start with AI adoption? 

You’ll participate in an interactive and collaborative ideation workshop to help discover actionable use cases for generative AI, define the business impacts in your organization and plan a course for achieving your AI objectives. We employ AI readiness diagnostics to discover critical considerations for successful AI adoption. 

Outcome: We help you define your forward momentum for AI adoption, including your desirability, readiness, goals and guardrails. 


  • Conduct an AI diagnostic to determine your readiness
  • Identify your desired business outcomes
  • Establish feasibility and sustainability goals
  • Set up a platform for an AI implementation
  • Implement AI policies and guardrails 
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Incubate — create your first AI project

Timeframe: 8-12 weeks

Action: The Incubate process of AI adoption answers the question: How will we create and execute our first AI project?

You’ll participate in an agile and iterative multi-week program in which our team of AI experts will work with your team to co-create your first generative AI solution. This stage encompasses building your AI technology stack and working to ensure seamless integration with your existing technologies.

Outcome: We help you determine the feasibility of launching AI within your organization, then work with you to create your first AI solution.


  • Choose an existing foundation model
  • Configure and establish a cloud platform
  • Prepare and align your data and adapt the model
  • Optimize, demonstrate and augment the model
  • Develop an LLM-powered application

Industrialize — launch your AI solution into the world

Timeframe: 3-6 months

Action: The Industrialize process of AI adoption answers the questions: How and when can we launch our AI project?

We’ll construct a well-defined, systematic pathway for the transformation of your AI solution for the purpose you choose, whether that’s creating a new product, implementing new governance capabilities, defining metrics, or optimizing your AI model and distributed cloud infrastructure for continuous improvement.

Outcome: We help guide you through the process of making your AI solution viable using a systematic productization approach and aligning AI with your defined metrics and governance guardrails. 


  • Set up DataOps, MLOps and LLMOps

  • Implement AI oversight and governance

  • Determine an approach to manage incidents

  • Refine the model for cost sustainability

  • Pursue continuous optimization and training

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