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FAIR for Google Cloud

Unlock the potential of your Google Cloud data with FAIR and Rackspace ICE’s Intelligent Co-worker for Enterprises. Use generative AI for personalized customer interactions and gain valuable insights to inform data-driven decisions.

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Discover the transformative potential of AI

Your AI journey starts with our FAIR Ideate. Take the next steps toward secure and sustainable AI adoption today.

Discover the limitless possibilities of your Google Cloud data by partnering with FAIR

We help you to unlock the full potential of your data to enable efficient ingestion and processing that harnesses its complete benefits.

Our team of certified Google Cloud experts will work closely with you to design, migrate, fortify, operate and optimize your Google Cloud data environment. This partnership empowers you by providing valuable insights and enabling data-driven decisions that drive your business toward success.

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2-4 weeks

We help you establish desirability, readiness, goals and guardrails for the adoption of AI through an interactive and collaborative ideation engagement.

  • Conduct an AI diagnostic to determine readiness
  • Identify desired business outcomes
  • Establish feasibility and sustainability goals
  • Set up a platform for AI
  • Implement policies and guardrails for AI
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8-12 weeks

We determine the feasibility of AI within your organization and work with you to co-create your first generative AI solution within your enterprise.

  • Choose an existing foundation model
  • Configure and establish the cloud platform
  • Prepare and align the data, adapt the model
  • Optimize, demonstrate and augment the model
  • Develop the LLM-powered application
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3-6 months

We help ensure the viability of your solution through the systematic productization of AI in alignment with defined metrics and governance guardrails.

  • Set up DataOps, MLOps and LLMOps
  • Implement AI oversight and governance
  • Determine an approach to manage incidents
  • Refine the model for cost sustainability
  • Pursue continuous optimization and training
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ICE Intelligent Co-worker for the Enterprise


Rackspace Intelligent Co-worker for the Enterprise (ICE) is an intelligent co-worker that uses generative AI to elevate the productivity and efficiency of sales and solution architects while granting them access to our top expertise and talent worldwide.

ICE leverages AI to streamline repetitive tasks, identify promising leads, present pertinent information and resources, and deliver real-time contextual analytics for exceptionally personalized customer interactions. ICE can reduce the time required to generate effective customer presentations and proposals.

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FAIR can launch quickly because we already have a global, world-class infrastructure and hyperscaler partners that can deliver optimized AI solutions to customers around the world. No matter where you are in the adoption of generative AI, we can help. Reach out today.

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