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The FAIR Partner Ecosystem

Where AI collaboration and innovation converge


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Advancing AI with industry leaders

Strategic partnerships with industry leaders amplify our power to innovate and deliver transformative solutions. FAIR has forged alliances with leading industry players to unite our expertise and drive unparalleled advancements in AI and cloud technology. Our collaborations are reshaping the enterprise AI frontier — with Aible, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Dell® Technologies, Google Cloud, Microsoft® Azure® and NVIDIA.

The Foundry for AI by Rackspace (FAIR™) partner ecosystem powers the rapid adoption of AI by providing you with a direct connection to an extensive network of industry collaborators. They operate in coordination with our robust architectures and deep multicloud capabilities. 

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Maximize the impact of your data in Google Cloud with FAIR. Our partnership enables seamless data ingestion and processing to help you unlock the full power of AI capabilities to drive innovation, such as with generative AI. Also, you can leverage the Rackspace Technology IP built for Google Cloud that automates routine tasks and boosts go-to-market teams’ productivity and effectiveness.

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FAIR for AWS is a groundbreaking global initiative dedicated to advancing business transformation, improving customer experiences, increasing service quality and accelerating value creation through the secure and responsible use of AI technologies and leveraging the power of AWS.

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Our collaboration propels innovation using generative AI in ways that lead to tangible business outcomes, such as revolutionizing problem-solving methods or unlocking fresh prospects for worldwide enterprises. The steadfast dedication to sustainability and ingenuity remains integral to our offerings, amplified by the advanced AI capabilities of OpenAI. These capacities enable enterprises to accelerate innovation, reshape customer interactions and reimagine applications with agility.

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Together, with Dell Technologies and NVIDIA, Rackspace Technology provides a series of full-stack AI solutions backed by technical expertise and pre-built tools based on Dell infrastructure and NVIDIA software. This extremely scalable, highly efficient infrastructure enables enterprises to transform their business by securely using their own data to build and operate generative AI applications.

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Our partnership with Aible empowers enterprise-scale data analysis and storytelling, while providing deep insights through a proprietary conversational interface. With the FAIR enterprise-grade security and Aible’s secure AI platform capabilities, we combine the best of both AI technologies for a sustainable and secure solution ready for enterprise use.

Prioritize Open Innovation

Our track record of success reflects our clear prioritization of open innovation and the cultivation of strategic alliances that set industry benchmarks. You’ll benefit from the expertise and capabilities our partner ecosystem brings to the table through these capabilities:
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Open platforms: We leverage open platforms that allow for flexibility, interoperability and seamless integration with your existing systems. 

Open technologies: Our technology stack is built on open technologies to increase accessibility and foster innovation.

Open source: We actively contribute to open-source projects and utilize open-source software, promoting transparency and collaboration.

Open collaboration: We embrace a culture of collaboration, both within our organization and with our partners, to tackle complex challenges and drive meaningful outcomes.

Open business models: Our business models are designed to be transparent, flexible and responsive to the evolving needs of our customers and the marketplace. 

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